Life is like making a movie

The camera records new experiences to tell your story. Routine and predictable events are edited out to save memory space. If you live an ordinary life, your life’s movie may be short. If you live an extraordinary life, full of novelty and challenges, your movie is more like the director’s extended cut. Join me. Live a multi-passionate life.

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    As much as we love Australia, we always felt a bit nomadic.

    From an early age, we have been footloose and full of wanderlust. We have lived in or visited most parts of Australia, holidayed abroad and dreamed of living overseas since we can remember. We consider relocating overseas as one of our peak life experiences – it’s up there with falling in love and having children.

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    About us

    We’re an Aussie family who dared ourselves to escape the ordinary. So we sold everything, got ourselves a UK Ancestry Visa and moved to Scotland to start a new life. We’re now permanent UK residents, living in Glasgow.

    We waited 20 years to live on this side of the world. When we sold everything to move to a new country and start over again; it was like being reborn. It’s like all of our senses have been rebooted and enhanced. We created a fresh slate for ourselves with just the essentials.